Saturday, December 22, 2012

A Rough Week

Whew! This has been a rough week!

I've had the flu this week. I got really dehydrated Tuesday and I was also running a fever! I passed out twice within five minutes and my arm got burnt on the space heater the second time I passed out. I went to the hospital and had to have an IV to get fluids. I'm feeling ALOT better but I'm still feeling a little sick. I have a lingering cough and a stuffy nose but NO MORE FEVER and I'm drinking PLENTY of water. I do NOT want to have another dehyrdation scare!

I hope I NEVER get the flu again! I'm glad that I'm recovering quickly but I can't wait until I'm fully out of the woods!

Take precautions! Wash your hands with soap and water, do NOT go around people that you know are sick or if you feel you are getting sick do NOT go around others, and drink plenty of fluids.

Take care and Happy Reading :)

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