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Traditions by Lori Wildenberg

Don’t you love traditions? I think most women do. For a number of years my mom has baked Christmas cookies with my kids. I love watching her hang with the grandkids and pass along her Christmas cookie recipes and baking tips. Maybe it seems even sweeter because we are typically separated by many miles. Every year my mom flies the friendly skies from Minnesota to Colorado. She stays with us from Thanksgiving to the first week in December. We pack in a lot.
We begin by celebrating Thanksgiving. The whole family cooks together but my mom is the only one who makes the gravy. No one can make better gravy! As a woman of many talents she is also the photographer for my gang’s Christmas card photo. This is no easy task by the way, getting six distractible people to look in the same direction, keep their eyes open, and smile all for the same moment is a huge feat! The day after Thanksgiving, she and I put up the Christmas decorations together. And… and she is Cookie baker extraordinaire!
This year will be different. Due to some other considerations, my mom won’t be with us for her typical November/ December trip. We will have to figure out the gravy, find a patient photographer, decorate and produce cookies without her. We will miss her laugh, stories, and the way she listens to each of us.
A mom’s and Nana’s love is a special thing.
I am really going to miss her presence. And…so will Tom and the kids.
But we will be of good cheer and if we forget a baking tip or two…thankfully she is just a phone call away.
What traditions does your family have?
“His mother treasured all these things in her heart.”
Luke 2:51b
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